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Thread: Yahoooo ^o^//
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Thread: Tests
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Thread: Our staff
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our latest releases
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Thread: Happy New Year
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Ongoing Projects
please, wait at least a week before sharing it somewhere else!
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Thread: Renai Shinjuu
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Thread: Bokutachi wa shitteshimatta
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Thread: Extrastrous
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Thread: Champagne wa koi no biyaku
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Thread: [Complete] Sono me, Kuchi ho...
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Thread: Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji
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Thread: What do you do when your bor...
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Thread: Guess whos next
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Thread: Otome Game - Wand of Fortune~
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drama, Anime
you like to watch drama or anime?
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Thread: What drama(s) are you watchi...
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the first manga you read? The last one you read? Your favorite manga? Come here to talk about it !
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Thread: Shonen Jump Alpha issue down...
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