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Liselotte Chapter 2
Hi everyone ! 

Alright, this is me writing a news for the first time ever in my short life... So, yeah, I'm a bit apprehensive.
Hopefully, I'm doing nothing wrong and this news-writing stuff doesn't have a special etiquette that I have to follow (because I don't know a flying f... about it). 
*Gets backhanded by her friend* Wriiiight, let's get straight into the topic... Welcome to our very new website ! We of course hope that everything is going to go well (for you and us) and that you guys will like the freshly translated scans (everyone worked very hard on it so... yeah, hope you'll like it~!).

Our team is fairly new so whoever wants to join us in our adventure will be warmly welcomed in our little crew(we don't speak english really well but we're nice people, I swear !)
Si Lou est en train de saisir du texte...

I hope that the etiquette has not been too violated and that my english is not as bad as I think it is. 

Hope you'll enjoy the scans~
/!\ Please, wait at least a week before sharing it in other website! And re-use the same links !
Liselotte chapter 2 !!

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1 Masamune  
I'm happy to hear that the second chapter of "Liselotte" has been released by you. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!!! <3 <3
....could you please, pretty please tell me where I can download it? (Because registration at your forum(?) doesn't seem to work (for me only? T_T) right now.)

2 Sanjûichi  
please, try again. And if it really doesn't work, send us a message.

3 miko15  
Hello Staff:
I tried to register but i keep getting an error for the security code. I tried about 10 different times and I am sure that I could have not possibly entered it incorrectly all the time. please look into it.
thank you

4 darkdoll25  
Have you ever registered for "ucoz" before?
It's been used by many scanlation groups and you could've joined one without knowing. Ucoz uses the same email and password for all ucoz sites, so that may be the solution to your problem. Double check if you had registered for one and use that combination.
If it doesn't work again, you should try clearing cookies. Hope this helps. dry

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