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Hi, I'm Yamika. I help proofread and QC here. Well, summer is almost over and it's time to get back to life. Back to school, back to work, back to whatever it is you haven't been doing for the past 3 months. Whether it's making new friends, meeting new people, visiting new places, or just returning to the daily grind, try not to get to get too depressed. Now we have plethra of holidays where junk food, feasting and greed are mandatory! Not to mention the snow...I believe:
snow burns with an inner fire/a chilling flame that shines and inspires/a blanket to cover all that's seen/to whiten and purify, to wipe it clean/the wonderful gleam of an angel's tear/a blessing to places far and near/watch them flutter gently down/and touch us all just like a crown.
Now it may be weird to talk about snow in August, but where I come from, you can get snow any month of the year. In fact, it was snowing up in the mountains this July-just last month! But I digress, here's to old endings and new beginnings! Huzzah!
Liselotte chapter 5
[EDIT Sanjûichi:] because someone ignored our demand when we told him to wait a week before sharing our chapters on mangatraders, we decided to only release the "read online" version for the moment. I hope you will understand.
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1 shinouyuki   [Entry]
Good luck with your life there~ I can't imagine staying somewhere so cold ;A;

And thank you for the chapter ^^ (I'll probably read it when the download is ready, but seriously, thank you ^^)

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