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Hi! I'm Rosa, one of the cleaners from our scan group^^.
So, today I'm the one who gets to post the new chapter (yay =D) It's the first chapter from reimei no arcana, an awesome light novel.

I was a bit sad, that today was my first day back at school, 'cause I had a really great summer. Alltough it rained a lot and i didnt get to hang-out with my friends as much as i'd liked too, i have some really awesome memorys. It was kind of nostalgic to see all those new kids with their big backpacks coming to school, because it reminded me of my first day, and how carefree i was back then. Now, i am a senior and all those kids are looking up to me and my friends with big eyes...kinda funny =D So, as i quote darkdoll: here's to old endings and new beginnings!

Don't forget to thank our awesome staff smile
Sanj├╗ichi will post the link to download the chapter here^^
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