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I am shinouyuki, one of the new recruits this month, and I am currently working as a proofreader. I was supposed to post this a little earlier, but I fell asleep x.x Is it raining where you are? The rain is scaring me here but somehow it was still able to hypnotize me to fall asleep. I hope the rain won't get any stronger than usual so we can all go back to usual when the sun shines again! But really, that rain messed up the small photoshoot we had a while ago, and it's been sooooo~ long since I last dressed up and all xD (I feel like I shouldn't dress up anymore xD)'

I'm sorry for blabbering all that, so I'll just get back to the actual release. Chapter 1 of Moero S-Kei Seifuku Danshi and Chapter 1 (part 1) of Douzo, Meshiagare will both be added by Sanjûichi later xD

I can't wait to read the next ones for Douzo, Meshiagare and Meiro (it's a long title)~ For Douzo, Meshiagare... it was.. hmm... let's just say it's the usual pattern for shoujo, but still attractive. xD And then for Meiro (really long title OTL) it was fun to read! xD I love the choices Sanjûichi makes for the projects xD Oh and if you find some grammar issues in Douzo, Meshiagare, don't hesitate to tell me ^^

Well then, it's nice to meet you all and happy reading~
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