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Ah, school has already started or will start for some people. It'll be a bustle of finding new classes, new friends, and trying to fit inside groups or cliques. What a wonderful way to start, huh? Sure, there are some kind of cases with new loves and crushes to be found with a hint of friendships. But, you've got all that from shoujo mangas!
Anyways, I'm here to present you with...
GIGOLO! You're probably wondering what the HECK that is if you aren't familiar with the term. It's men who are paid by woman to spend some..ah special time with them.
Well, here's the first chapter! Sajuichi will be posting up the link after I'm done with it.

P.S. Please say your thanks to our two translators. They are the ones who are doing all the work here! If you don't really comment or put it in the forums atleast say it in your heart smile

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