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I just wanted to say, condolences to our group for having our translations STOLEN by another group!
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these 'new years gifts' from us to you!

Ousama to Fushigi no Shiro Chapter 1 (joint with Chibi-manga)

Gigolo Chapter 2

Korosareru Nara Chapter 2

I hope you guys have a wonderful new year.
Please think of the people less fortunate and wish them a happy new year. Giving hope is the first step to giving happiness!

And if 2011 wasn't great, make 2012 the best.


From Darkdoll25 and the whole Sound of Jewels Scanlation team..
P.S. I have moved the news of Liselotte and Witch's Forest to the dropped section. We are very sorry that that happened. 
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Hi Guys!

I wanted to say "happy new year" but that new year is not that happy for us.
I just heard that a french scanlation group (Kokoro no Manga) stole our translation for the chapter 3 of Liselotte to majo no mori and they even didn't credited our group!
But more than that, they credited another group (who didn't even released that chapter) because they knew we didn't want to let them use our translations since another french group already released those chapters.
Anyway, since it was thank to the french group Sumire no team that we could release until the chapter 5 of this series, it was their right to not want to see another french group released that serie. So we decided to drop it. We won't release any other chapter of Liselotte.
I hope you will understand.
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