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Chapter 2 of Kare no Aijou joint with KSS
So, I'm alive. I finally finished and presented a 2 month-worth project. I'm glad to say that I hadn't failed and made a fool out of myself (because there are cool popular guys in my class). I was really nervous, but I got through it! I can finally take on projects and the like. Yay.
Now, to the main news. I hope this was very much anticipated, because Chapter 2 of Kare no Aijou from KSS is out!!

Chapter 2

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1 AnnaBanana  
sorry if this sounds ungrateful but when is the next couple chapters of
Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku gonna come out?

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2 Lacie  
Good job on your 2 month-worth project. smile Hope you have time to sit down and relax now. ^^

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3 darkdoll25  
You'll have to ask Sanjuichi herself. But when they are released, they are released. Think of them as a gift when you get home and see them waiting for you to read smile

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4 darkdoll25  
Haha, thank you so much!! Without a project constantly looming over my shoulders, I feel much better.
Unfortunately, I have another project to present after Spring Break. Sucks for me, I guess!

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5 fanfan  
thank you for this new chapter and congrats for your success.

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6 Rizzz  
This may be late but kudos to you for your successful project, wow two months! Just made me realized I'm done with school and never want to go back there lol!

Thank you so much for chapter, I appreciate all your hard work XD

PS: I just realized this is a shounen ai with a girl as a main character! That's new, unlike most shounen ai where woman are pretty much non-existent or no personality so yeah this is great. So her finding love and having a partner or perhaps none of the above, that's okay BUT I do hope for a character enlightenment and good end for her :D

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