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8:40 AM
A side note...
Hey everyone! Just so you know, we're still alive! We have not gone on hiatus or anything like that ^_^

Recruitment is still ongoing! Just drop by our Recruitment thread to see the tests for positions you're interested in! 

We are still in need of:

 Translators (French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) 



and Typesetters 

We are willing to train Cleaners and Typesetters, so minimal experience required! But, take the test first for us to see how experienced you are. ^_^

Yummy releases are sure to come soon! New projects are yet to be released, so watch out for that. :D

Lastly, thank you for the support until now. It's been a year and fortunately, we're still alive and going! :) . Thank you heaps to all of you, guys! 

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1 scet  

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2 Kuraga  
Thank you for the good news.

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3 jyyuyioohoh  
I was just wondering how much work would be expected of me if I were to take the position of translator in French?

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4 taro  
Hi there jyyuyioohoh!

Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate it. smile . Hmm, we don't really force our staff to do their tasks at lightning speed. We don't rush our staff when it comes to their duties. biggrin . We allow staff members to choose a project they want to work on, which can be seen in the forums. They are allowed to choose which one catches their attention or simply which seems not to much of a workload for them. You don't need to be super conscious with your English, nor worry about time pressure. What matters is your translation's accuracy. No rush. No deadlines. Just have fun. That's how we roll happy

If you have further inquiries, feel free to PM me or Sanjuichi and we'll be more than glad to help you out.


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