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This is a group scanlation's project with Shojo Manwha Scans. It's called, "The Sultan's Heir", and I hope you like it!
The link will be up after Sanjuuchi posts it. So, be patient! Only chapter 1 has been done, but I assure you we will be working on the next one too.
Thank you for visiting this site and supporting us!
( first news post. It fails.
Have fun..)
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Hi everyone,
Today we are releasing our first oneshot.
As always, you can find it on our forum.
But first, I wanted to thank Darkdoll for doing such a good work for us.
I don't know what I'd do without her.
And of course, I wouldn't have started this group without the support of Hana and Yumiko.
I'm so grateful to them!
And also thanks to you for supporting us.
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