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Merry Christmas !!

And here are our christmas releases!!

2 new projects!!


-Chapter 1-

-Extra 2-

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Too scared to come to us for trick-or-treating? 

Well, no worries because we have a lot of yummy treats for you guys! Because it's Halloween in almost every part of the globe, we, the SoJ team, give you these awesome releases! (2 of which are continuations of our projects, a new oneshot and a new project!) . Here they are! (Links soon to be attached by our very own, Sanjuichi!)

Sekai wa Kimi o Sukuu Extra (I really loved this oneshot! Too cute to handle!)

Tomodachi Gokko Chapter 3 (The most-awaited chapter 3) -joint with Mateiru

First Love (Not all rainy days are depressing, you know? :D ) [This project marks the debut of our new staff member: XxDaisySoraxX. Say hi to her, everyone. :) ]

Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji (I really envy the heroine here! Being _____ by 2 ______ bishies ^_^ )

P.S. We are still in need of staff members in all positions! Here are some projects which might interest you:

Translators for:

Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku -chap04 [Chinese]
Mahochu! -chap 04 [French]
Liselotte to Majo no Mori - chap 07 [French / Japanese]
Suki Naki Koi - chap 01 [French / Portuguese]
Proposal no Okite - chap 01 [French / Portuguese]

Proofreaders for: 

Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji - chap 02 & 03
Zettai Renai Program - chap 03 , 04, 05
Koyoi to Kiss no Chigiri wo - chap 02 , 03
Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi - chap 03 , 04

Cleaners + Typesetters for:

Extrastrous - chap 01
Kaworu-kun to Hana no Mori - chap 01 , 02
(All projects mentioned above)

Note: Projects are not limited to those above. There's a handful so I can't post it all here. ;)

We are willing to train editors. We are not that strict on deadlines. :) . Not much experience required. 

If you feel like helping us out, just drop Sanjuichi or me, taro a pm in the forums. We'll be more than glad to come to you. :)

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