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Today we're releasing the one-shot "hakka drops".
Due to breaking her arm, the one who was supposed to do the typesetting couldn't do it... So i read a whole lot of tutorials about typesetting, and now i can proudfully present you the finished one shot (hurray!)

Right now, outside its thundering and raining really hard, kinda scary >.< Even my cat decided to run inside, dripping wet, and jump on my lap, while i was wearing my white t-shirt -.-"

I'll just stop now, 'cause i have nooooo idea what to write >.< And i usually start talking weird stuff when i don't know what to say... Even my friends tell me to STHU when that!? here i go again... jeez...)

Btw... don't be to hard on me with the typesetting, it was my first time >.< *really nervous now* . But im always open for suggestions on how to improve myself smile


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