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6:18 PM
hakka drops
Today we're releasing the one-shot "hakka drops".
Due to breaking her arm, the one who was supposed to do the typesetting couldn't do it... So i read a whole lot of tutorials about typesetting, and now i can proudfully present you the finished one shot (hurray!)

Right now, outside its thundering and raining really hard, kinda scary >.< Even my cat decided to run inside, dripping wet, and jump on my lap, while i was wearing my white t-shirt -.-"

I'll just stop now, 'cause i have nooooo idea what to write >.< And i usually start talking weird stuff when i don't know what to say... Even my friends tell me to STHU when that!? here i go again... jeez...)

Btw... don't be to hard on me with the typesetting, it was my first time >.< *really nervous now* . But im always open for suggestions on how to improve myself smile


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1 rosa   [Entry]
Sanjûichi made the vid. Isn't it amazing!? happy

2 olinatasha   [Entry]
thank you for the oneshot. Awesome!!!! Vid is super cool too!!! It's funny but my cat did the exact same thing to me just a few days ago!!! -.-" Weird, huh? lol

BTW, I love it when my friends ramble on about whatever. It gives me insight as to how they think and what's going on in their minds. It kinda tells you something about who they are. So, ramble away, kiddo!

3 darkdoll25   [Entry]
I'll be sure to read it and see your typesetting! By the way, don't forget to capitalize and add periods if it calls for it. It might not seem important but it is!
Gah, Sanjuichi broke her arm?!

4 darkdoll25   [Entry]
Wait I thought she was the..
I was wrong >.>

5 Sanjûichi   [Entry]
ha ha XD yes, it's Hana who broke her arm ><
but they'll remove the plaster from her arm soon!

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