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So, I'm alive. I finally finished and presented a 2 month-worth project. I'm glad to say that I hadn't failed and made a fool out of myself (because there are cool popular guys in my class). I was really nervous, but I got through it! I can finally take on projects and the like. Yay.
Now, to the main news. I hope this was very much anticipated, because Chapter 2 of Kare no Aijou from KSS is out!!

Chapter 2

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Hello everybody! I know we haven't released a lot lately is because of a SWAMP of finals, tests, projects, homework.. you name it. 
Well, here's Monitoring Black Chapter 1!
I've just realized after talking to my most trusted friend. 
My friends don't deserve me, the way they're treating me. 

Do you sometimes feel the same?
Sorry for the melancholy mood I just put up here o.O

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