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Hey everyone! Just so you know, we're still alive! We have not gone on hiatus or anything like that ^_^

Recruitment is still ongoing! Just drop by our Recruitment thread to see the tests for positions you're interested in! 

We are still in need of:

 Translators (French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) 



and Typesetters 

We are willing to train Cleaners and Typesetters, so minimal experience required! But, take the test first for us to see how experienced you are. ^_^

Yummy releases are sure to come soon! New projects are yet to be released, so watch out for that. :D

Lastly, thank you for the support until now. It's been a year and fortunately, we're still alive and going! :) . Thank you heaps to all of you, guys! 

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Hi there everyone! Taro here ;). We, sound-of-jewels, present to you a new release, yet again! Yayy. Here's the COMPLETE chapter 1 of Sekai wa Kimi wo Sukuu. Chapter 2 will be coming out soon! Watch out for that ;). Till then, everyone. Thanks!

P.S. I'm still sorry for the late release. I just can't seem to move on. sad

[link to chapter 1 soon to be attached by our awesome admin, Sanjuichi] smile 
Chapter 1

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Chapters 2&3

Chapter 1_part1

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